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Francisco Pacho Galan

Francisco (Pacho) Galan was born on October 4, 1906 in Soledad, located south of Barranquilla, Colombia. He was born in a time where the country was seized by internal conflicts as well as economic strain for families who were trying to maintain a adequate means of living. During this time his father was devoted to the business of meat sales, his mother cooked food, and Francisco was in charge of delivering the food to the homes.

In 1954 Francisco composed “Ay cosita linda”, and gave birth to the merecumbe rhythm, a mixture between merengue and cubina. Later, he would develop Tugui Tugui rhythm, a product of cumbion, guaracha, paseadito, paseo, and others.

Pacho Galan was an avid believer in good living customs. The art of composing became a natural act for him, not surrounded by mystery. He makes his compositions in a simple, neat, sensual, positive, and interesting manner. By the writing of his hand, accompanied by the musical rhythms of his inspiration.

Francisco never let fame and popularity get to his head. It did not modify his lifestyle and never interfered with his song writing.

His uncle Manuel Galan introduced Francisco to the trumpet. When he was 14 years old, he was already familiar with the clarinet and violin, and joined master Rodriguez. He shared little with other boys and girls of his age. While many of the boys and girls were playing baseball, or just having fun and flirting with girls, Pacho was composing music. Also, under the direction of master Biava he turned out to be a great performer for the police band in Barranquilla city.

Afterwards he entered the philharmonic orchestra of Barranquilla city, where he strengthened his musical composition skills. Later, he joined the “Jazz Orchestra”. He gained some fame while promoting the band through an Atlantic radio station. He began to get airtime on the most important radio and television stations in the country.

After conquering the Colombian people with his music in the Northern Coast of the Amazon region, he decided that it was the moment to explore new markets and in 1969, he went to the United States.

Here are some of the songs he wrote in his lifetime: "Boquita Sala", "La butifarra de Pacho", "La casa de Fernando", "Te quiere mucho", "Rio y amor", "Cogeme la cola" y "Lago florido" among others.

Francisco Pacho Galan was 83 years old when he died and became master Pacho Galan in 1979.