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It all started in 1998, with a chance meeting between Doba and Caracol (Doriane Fabreg and Carole Facal) during a wild rave party. The connection and chemistry between them was immediate. So began a great adventure where their vocal and percussive talents came together to create their own unique musical style and groove. Initially as a duo, they performed traditional songs and chants from various countries, harvesting and perfecting their various musical and cultural backgrounds.

Five years later, the two founding members of DobaCaracol surrounded themselves with four exceptionally talented musicians to render songs with subtle and original styles and arrangements reflecting their diverse musical and cultural influences. This highly colourful and tasteful mixture of French and foreign language lends itself beautifully to music, creating an alliance of organic and modern sound.

With the release of an independent record in 2001 (Le Calme son), DobaCaracol participated in various major international festivals alongside such artists as : Alpha Blondy, Tryo, La Rue Kétanou and many more. They gained further experience and notoriety as back up singers with several international artists that allowed them to trot the globe and pursue their quest of musical and cultural exploration in far away areas such as Egypt, the Seychelles Islands, South Africa, Europe and the United States.

In 2004, DobaCaracol sign a recording contract with Montreal’s hottest independent label, Indica Records for their second album, Soley . With renowned arranger/producer Francois Lalonde (Lhasa, Jean Leloup) at the helm, they have released a mature and sensitive masterpiece that leaves no one indifferent"

"they literally bewitch even the most apathetic" a mixture of earth and air, textured atmospheres with a strong feminine touch; songwritting with African, reggae, and modern influences that blend together in a completely original manner. (Yves Bernard, Journal ICI, Montreal)

"two Quebec music queens" two mermaid voices, at times soft and sensual, at times frantic and frenzied. A real treat for the ears" (Journal Sud Ouest, La Rochelle, France)

"a tribal sensuality emanates from their blend of songs and chants, the same as their trance-dance body motions" These incomparable percussionists, a musical Siamese pair, incarnate ultimate gracefulness! "absolute genies with their bedeveilled percussions" (Serge Beyer, Longueur d’Ondes, France)